Retreat Philosophy.

So’Ham Retreat Center is a smaller retreat center located in beautiful nature,  20 min north of Nora in Sweden. It’s goal is to create smaller quality retreats, workshops, kirtans, classes and learning to facilitate and enable participants to experience their own true nature.

We all look for happiness and peace. And we go through lots of hardships, struggle and suffering by mostly looking for it outside ourselves. The yoga philosophy explains that what we are seeking, what we are really looking for,  is something we already are. We are looking for that which we already have, what we already are. By turning inside, through spiritual practices and immersing ourselves in the stillness and beauty of nature, we will slowly but surely open the doors to the immense experience of our true nature.

By coming together in retreat, we get inspired by others, we dive deeper into the inner worlds and we gain new understanding and experience of whom we actually are. Beyond the experience of ourselves as separate individuals.

Together we’ll take steps toward that.

You are so welcome to So’Ham Retreat Center.